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IQ Rack Assembly Instructions:

Step one

Unpack your new rack and identify the following parts, two side rails, three lower cross Bars (front, long bar; middle, medium bar; rear, short bar), two upper cross bars (front , long bar; rear, short bar), frame screws (Qty 12/20), wood/aluminum panels(for deluxe or classic)(Qty 6), panel screws (Qty 18), anchoring brackets(2), anchoring screws(4), feet(4) and metric anchor screws(2).

Two Side Rails

Rear                                                   Front

Lower Cross Bars (Long, Medium, Short)

Upper Cross Bars (Front or Long, Short or Rear) (Blade and Deluxe only)

Wood or Aluminum Panels (Classic or Deluxe only)

Vinyl Plastic End Caps (Qty 4)

Frame Alan Style Counter Sunk Screws (Qty 20)

Anchoring Brackets (Qty 2)

Step Two

Start with the two side rails and the three lower cross bars.  First, loosely connect with the frame screws the lower long cross bar to the front position of both side rails, then the middle lower cross bar to the middle of the both side rails, and finally the short lower cross bars to the rear of both side rails.

(If you are assembling the slim rack, you can tighten all the screws now)

Step Three

Next, add the long, upper cross-bar to the front of the side rails; then add the short, upper cross-bar to the rear of the rack using the frame screws.

(If you are assembling the blade rack, you can tightened all the screws now)

Step Four

Finally to complete your rack, you can add the six aluminum or wood panels to the rack using the eighteen Alan screws included.  After installing all six panels, you can now tighten all twelve/twenty frame screws.  

Congratulations, you are done.